What is the STCW Certification?

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

So you’ve decided you want to work on a yacht. Now you need to find out what qualifications and courses are internationally recognised and required by law.

No matter what yacht role or position you want to apply for on a yacht, you will almost always need to hold your STCW qualification.

By law, in order to work on a commercial vessel or a vessel over 24 metres in length you need to have the STCW 95/2010 qualification and the ENG1 Seafarer’s Medical Certificate as a minimum. The STCW 95 is a course consisting of 5 basic safety training modules, and the STCW 2010 is the updated version of the STCW 95. This course should cost between £700 and £1000, and several modules will need to be renewed every 5 years.

Elementary First Aid

The Elementary First Aid module is a one day course explaining the basic elements of administering first aid. The instructor will demonstrate how to treat injuries such as minor burns, broken bones, bleeding and shock and how to administer CPR. You will get to practice administering CPR and bandaging wounds. This is a module to pay close attention to as it could save a life someday.

Personal Survival Techniques

The Personal Survival Techniques module is a one day course that will demonstrate how to launch a life raft and how to keep everyone accounted for in the event that the ship goes down and her passengers end up in the sea. The exercises and drills contained in this module are vitally important but can be physically demanding.

Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention

The Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention module is a two day course consisting of theory and practical firefighting activities. In this course you will learn different ways that fires are caused and ways to minimise the risk of fires onboard. You will also learn how to use portable firefighting gear and breathing apparatuses while putting out live fires.

Personal Safety and Social Responsibility

The Personal Safety and Social Responsibility module is an intensive half day course that covers basic health and safety advice to follow onboard. It covers basic hazards and precautions, how to use safety equipment and personal protective equipment, and how to follow emergency routines.

Proficiency in Security Awareness

The Proficiency in Security Awareness module is a short half day course that covers security incidents such as piracy, armed robbery and attacks onboard as well as how to report and handle them.

To find out about where to complete this course, contact us and we can connect you with qualified course providers.

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